Venue: Festspielhaus Hellerau, Great Hall     Day: 18 NOV 2017     Time: 8 pm
Josef M. Gaßner
what the universe means to me
At first glimpse, the universe reveals phenomena hostile to life. There are countless plasma-stars with incomprehensible temperatures, pulsar stars with annihilating magnetic fields and those well-known black holes which devour everything daring to be in their vicinity.

Yet, we are children of the stars. We consist of about 92 percent of chemical elements, fused in their cores. This is the fascinating enigma of the kind of finely tuned cycle of matter called the anthropic principle, a principle that is, in itself, reason enough to think of natural science outside the box.

Josef M. Gaßner, mathematician, theoretical physicist and cosmologist, will give the background story to these ideas as clearly and demonstratively as possible. Original recordings of various space-telescopes pave the way into this ninety minute lecture, followed by Q&A.

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Lectures during CYNETART 2017
Screening & presentation
Felidae/Reflex & Pixtur/Still
Demoszene 2011.2017
Screening curated by Stefan Pautze (Felidae/Reflex) from Digitale Kultur e.V., ca. 60 min and "The quirks of the Demoscene and the tool" a presentation by Thomas Mann (Pixtur/Still).
Lecture and Q&A
Rainer Mausfeld
How reality is constructed in art and politics
With different intentions though, art as well as politics aim at generating psychic realities.
Workshop Lecture
Bianca Ludewig / Henrike Naumann
Between sonic dystopia
and personal happiness
In her master thesis on utopia and apocalypse in pop music, the cultural anthropologist and music journalist Bianca Ludewig researched dystopian music styles in hardcore techno in Berlin.
Lecture & Q&A
Josef M. Gaßner
What the universe means to me?
The mathematician, theoretical physicist and cosmologist will give the background story of a universe full of fascinating phenomenons.
Lecture & Talk
Dagmar Neubronner
What does free learning mean?
Dipl. Biol. Dagmar Neubronner made it possible for her two sons to live and grow up without school.
Gerhard Luhn
Gerhard Luhn
Everything just fake –
even our „imagination“?
Let us highlight on what philosophers have lost sight of.
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