project space
Venue: Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dalcroze room     Day: 16 NOV to 19 NOV 2017    

project space
The class of Prof. Carsten Nicolai from the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts will create an exhibition project “Monitor” in the Dalcroze room. Artistic positions will be shown that are either permanently installed for the whole festival period or that take place in the form of lectures or performances.

Participating artists: Frieder Ackermann, Marius Friedrich, Sebastian Gallschütz, Deborah Geppert, Simon Hillme, Konrad Leue, Anne Lippert, Viktoria Kurnicki, Stefan Schleupner, Omani Frei, Julia Langhammer, Florian Birk, Thomas Schmelzer, Felix Ermacora, Antje Meichsner und Eunhye Kim

Conception: Stefan Schleupner, Simon Hillme, Anne Lippert

16.11. 21:00

16.11. 21:45

16.11. 22:15

16.11. 23:15

17.11. 13:00
Screening (ends 11 p.m.)

18.11. 13:00
Demo Scene 2011.2017 (mit Felidae/Reflex & Pixtur/Still)

18.11. 17:00

18.11. 19:00
Netart Stream

18.11. 20:00

18.11. 21:00

18.11. 21:40
AV / DJ set

18.11. 23:20

19.11. 10:00
Screening (ends 20:00 Uhr)

CYNETART Opening hours

Thu, 16.11.17 19 to 23 o'clock
Fri, 17.11.17 13 to 23 o'clock
Sa, 18.11.17 13 to 23 o'clock the house is open 24 HOURS for the event 24 HOURS throughout
Sun, 19.11.17 10 to 20 o'clock

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MONITOR project space events:
Workshop Lecture
Bianca Ludewig / H.Naumann
Between sonic dystopia
and personal happiness
In her master thesis on utopia and apocalypse in pop music, the cultural anthropologist and music journalist Bianca Ludewig researched dystopian music styles in hardcore techno in Berlin.
Live Sound Performance
Shannon Soundquist
Live at the MONITOR project space
As a sound artist Shannon Soundquist transforms spoken word into abstract musical poems.
Live AV Performance
causal nexus 2
Audiovisual live-performance – highly reduced rhythmic sounds and feedback-loops creating visual patterns on outdated television screens.
Live DJ set
Shō & Sinosc (DJ)
at the MONITOR project space
Sinosc and Shō implement a PS3 in their setup and simulate with their A/V b2b DJ-set player's lover situations of the youth years.
Screening & presentation
Felidae/Reflex & Pixtur/Still
Demoszene 2011.2017
Screening curated by Stefan Pautze (Felidae/Reflex) from Digitale Kultur e.V., ca. 60 min and "The quirks of the Demoscene and the tool" a presentation by Thomas Mann (Pixtur/Still).
Live Online Show
GLEAM #02 Intimacy
In an intimate spectacle, moderated by performance artist Georges Jacotey (Athens, GR), international internet and new media artists will present their works. Online. Live. Screened.
Hansen & Windisch
Live at the MONITOR project space
Swelling dronesounds on groovy bratty beats, mushroomed hooklines to nervous industrial riffs.
Live at the MONITOR project space
In the experiment with language, environment and time, new insights are gained, thoughts are injected and memories are erased.
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CYNETART Festival is an event by Trans Media Academie Hellerau e.V. in cooperation with HELLERAU – European Center for the Arts Dresden.
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