Lectures / Screenings
Venue: Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dalcroze-Saal     Day: SAT 18 NOV 2017     Time: 1 pm
Image: Instant God / CNCD (Carillon & Cyberiad) & Fairlight, PC Demo, Revision 2016
Screening & Presentation
Felidae/Reflex & Pixtur/Still
Demoszene 2011.2017
The demoscene represents one of the most colourful facets of digital culture. Musicians, graphic artists and coders (programmers) form groups and work on a demo, a computer program intended to show their personal skills and abilities. Thanks to competition between various groups, demos have been subject to a high degree of evolutionary pressure so-to-speak in terms of technology and style. The incentive behind these efforts is to amaze others, to overcome apparently impossible technical challenges and to exhaust the limits of the hardware. While films as a rule can only play back their images or frames, demos generate these images for the exact moment – in real-time.

Now and then the viewer may rub his eyes due to the visual expressions. "Video Art" was not even mentioned yet?

Demoscene 2011.2017 - screening curated by Stefan Pautze (Felidae/Reflex) from Digitale Kultur e.V., ca. 60 min
The quirks of the Demoscene and the tool - presentation by Thomas Mann (Pixtur/Still), ca. 30 min

Thanks to Annikras for the support.

The programme is not suitable for epileptics.

Stefan Pautze is graduate engineer in the automotive branch and graphic artist. His artistical roots as well as his ties to the Demoscene date back to the nineties, when the mainly Dresden-based Commodore 64 demo group Reflex ruled the demo competitions. Recently he works mainly in the field in between mathematics and art with focus on aperiodic tilings.

Thomas Mann was always fascinated by computers and began to develop computer games and tools. In his unsuccessful attempt to become less nerdy, he took classes in figure painting and attained a degree in architecture. With his student job, he became an expert in real-time graphics and was invited to SigGraph twice. His obsession with procedural computer graphics and motion design lead him to the demoscene, where he won many competitions and awards. After a decade of freelancing as an interface designer and developer he founded Framefield.

Demoscene 2011.2017 @ Cynetart 2017

Index Demo Group Country System Size of executable Release Event Credits Duration

1 Coronoid Still DE Windows PC 72.7 MiB 1st @ NVScene 2015 (PC Demo Competition) 1x / Jco / Pixtur 00:04:19
2 Heaven 777 Razor 1911 FR + SE Windows PC 4 kiB 3rd @ Outline 2013 (Combined Demo / Intro Competition) Dubmood / Rez / XT95 00:02:39
3 Numb Res CNCD (Carillon & Cyberiad) &. Fairlight FI + UK Windows PC 55.4 MiB 2nd @ The Gathering 2011 (Combined Demo Competition) Destop / Smash Stereo Wildlife 00:05:06
4 On Mercury CH + DE + FI Windows PC 64 kiB 2nd @ Revision 2015 (PC 64k Demo Competition) Abductee / Cupe / Las / Psykon / Red / Urs 00:03:30
5 Payback Jugz FI Windows PC 63.6 MiB 1st @ Payback 2015 (PC Demo Competition) Jugi 00:05:26
6 Absolute Territory Prismbeings FI Windows PC 4 kiB 2nd @ Revision 2017 (PC 64k Demo Competition) Klaus Strobo 00:02:38
7 Shapeshift Cocoon FR + PL + UA Windows PC 162.2 MiB 1st @ Revision 2016 (PC Demo Competition) Guille / NTSC / Rork / Tineidae 00:06:18
8 Hartverdrahtet Akronyme Analogiker DE Windows PC 4 kiB 1st @ Revision 2012 (Combined 4k Intro Competition) Demoscene Passivist / Retired Demoscener / Tokra 00:03:04
9 Riveurs Enjienrd Quite & Orange FI + RU Wild Demo / Animation n.a. 2011 Brothomstates / Preston / UNC 00:03:50
10 No Ambition Quite & T-Rex RU + SE Windows PC 151.9 MiB 3rd @ Revision 2017 (PC Demo Competition) Mosaik / Ton / UNC 00:02:50
11 Instant God CNCD (Carillon & Cyberiad) & Fairlight FI + UK Windows PC 100.8 MiB 2nd @ Revision 2016 (PC Demo Competition) Destop / Ellie / Gloom / Smash 00:04:04
12 Monolith Andromeda Software Development GR Windows PC 180.7 MiB 1st @ Assembly 2015 (Combined Demo Competition) Amoivikos / AMUSiC / Leviathan / Navis 00:07:46
13 Through the Cracks Still DE Windows PC 26.2 MiB 3rd @ Revision 2016 (PC Demo Competition) 1x / Jco / Pixtur 00:04:59

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Lectures during CYNETART 2017
Screening & presentation
Felidae/Reflex & Pixtur/Still
Demoszene 2011.2017
Screening curated by Stefan Pautze (Felidae/Reflex) from Digitale Kultur e.V., ca. 60 min and "The quirks of the Demoscene and the tool" a presentation by Thomas Mann (Pixtur/Still).
Lecture and Q&A
Rainer Mausfeld
How reality is constructed in art and politics
With different intentions though, art as well as politics aim at generating psychic realities.
Workshop Lecture
Bianca Ludewig / Henrike Naumann
Between sonic dystopia
and personal happiness
In her master thesis on utopia and apocalypse in pop music, the cultural anthropologist and music journalist Bianca Ludewig researched dystopian music styles in hardcore techno in Berlin.
Lecture & Q&A
Josef M. Gaßner
What the universe means to me?
The mathematician, theoretical physicist and cosmologist will give the background story of a universe full of fascinating phenomenons.
Lecture & Talk
Dagmar Neubronner
What does free learning mean?
Dipl. Biol. Dagmar Neubronner made it possible for her two sons to live and grow up without school.
Gerhard Luhn
Gerhard Luhn
Everything just fake –
even our „imagination“?
Let us highlight on what philosophers have lost sight of.
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