The Festival

From 16th to 19th of November 2017 you can experience the four-day CYNETART – international festival for computer based arts and transdisciplinary projects at the historically significant Hellerau Festival Theatre in Dresden, Germany. The festival offers an exhibition, presentations, readings, workshops, performances, transdisciplinary media art projects and concerts.

CYNETART 2017 falls under the slogan „Enlightenment For The Nerd“, aiming to identify forward-looking knowledge reservoirs by offering an extended lecture program together with innovative A/V-performances. The associated exhibition focuses on different positions united by clear language of form. For the participatory format „24 HOURS”, the house will be open for various forms of joint art production.

CYNETART festival, which has been held since 1997, dedicates itself to cultural reflection. Our focus lies less on the capabilities of new technologies, but rather on their cultural exchange potential and to bridge the gap between intuition, crafts, aesthetics and narrative.

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Secret Sounds Teaser Image
Secret Sounds
Opening of the festival and the exhibition, Meet & Greet, three concerts and the opening of the MONITOR project space of the Nicolai class of the Academy of Fine Arts await the visitors.
Festival Friday
Unerhörter Klang
A lecture on school-free learning for kids and a subsequent lecture on the development of our potential lead to a great synthesizer developer and then to a concert in which our ears become instruments on this second day of the festival.
Festival Saturday
24 HOURS String Bodies
A 24-hour event brings the Now in real time into the more than 100 years old halls of the Festspielhaus. Contact Improvisation meets poetry, brain interfaces and female DJ's, where all participants let the arts guide us. This will be exciting and different.
24 HOURS Liquid Bodies
Sunday includes the greater part of the 24-hour event with almost 20 hours. The house is open all the time. Starting with breakfast and yoga, we will go through the day with a beautiful concert of moon jellyfish. Night owls come from the xxy co-op event.
Monitor Project Space Teaser Image
Exhibition & Performances
Klasse Carsten Nicolai
MONITOR project space
In cooperation of CYNETART and the HfbK media class, a small exhibition with extra events takes place in a room in the Festspielhaus. You are cordially invited to the space.
Live Online Show
GLEAM #02 Intimacy
In an intimate spectacle, moderated by performance artist Georges Jacotey (Athens, GR), international internet and new media artists will present their works. Online. Live. Screened.
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CYNETART Festival is an event by Trans Media Academie Hellerau e.V. in cooperation with HELLERAU – European Center for the Arts Dresden.
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