Venue: Festspielhaus Hellerau,     Day: 16 - 19 NOV 2017    
Digital Materialism
One day I asked myself if it was possible to create a materialist film (showing the material itself) using digital means. With this question in mind, I shot a photo without removing the lens cover of my digital camera. Obviously, the photo was completely black, but when I increased the brightness, suddenly I could see numerous white and blue dead pixels. I repeated the same operation shooting one photo after other until the memory card of the camera was full (7.669 images). This video piece is the result of that operation, what you see are all those images in the same order in which they were shot. The result is a hypnotic abstract loop that reminds of a starry sky. Even the inspiration were the abstract materialist films from the 70s, the result is very different from that celluloid film experiments. Here, we also see the material, but the material is not physical, is something so distant, obscure, and mysterious as the night sky.

_blank – also known by her human alias: Blanca Rego – is a filmmaker, noisemaker, and digital artist. Fascinated by cinema since childhood, she studied filmmaking, animation, and new media. Her work focuses mainly on the relationship between image and sound. It is also worth noting her work as a researcher, which includes regular collaborations as a translator, and a writer with several magazines, websites, and institutions.

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All works shown in the exhibition
Werner Klotz
Colore Mobile Immensum
Werner Klotz’ works are exclusively within site-specific and interactive contexts that rely on viewer participation to emphasize themes and ideas unique to each project.
Robertina Šebjanič
Aurelia 1+Hz / proto viva sonification
Interactive bioart that explores the phenomena of interspecies communication, sonification of the environment, and underwater acoustic/bioacoustics, using jellyfish.
Talking Piano
Peter Ablinger
A mechanical piano that emulates the frequency spectrum of Sigmund Freud's voice.
Exhibition & Escape Now!
3D real time a/v generation
Michael Saup &
Orbis Lumen
Completely new installation by the Ars Electronica award-winning professor.
Jules Richard Museum
Early Stereoscopic Pornography
A historical apparatus and a kind of best off from 100 years of erotica in stereoscopic presentation technique.
The World as Will and Representation.
new production
Roaches and robot dogs in final coexistence, dipped into the red light of warming lamps. The foyer of the Festspielhaus in a different way.
Andreas Trobollowitsch
»Santa Melodica« (Installation)
SHAPE presents a sound installation of the artist between 21.10. and 14.11.2017 in the Technische Sammlungen Dresden.
Blanca Rego
Digital Materialism
With a question in mind, I shot a photo without removing the lens cover of my digital camera.
Lasse Raus
Hentai Haiku
Hentai Haiku is an excerpt from somewhere between the rapidly evolving worlds of 3D games, anthropomorphic robotics and VR erotica.
HeeWon Lee
The Rain (La Pluie)
Virtual Reality 360° Video, focussing on the delicate issue of ‘comfort women’ in wartime.
HeeWon Lee
Infinity IV & Infinity V
Time stretches, conditions get rough at idle speed ; brutal and aerial at once.
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