Li Alin - Enter Me Tonight, Photo: © AntheZ Fotografie
The use of new media is omnipresent in many forms of art. So where is the unique substance and the justification for the expression NEW MEDIA ART?

Today’s discourse of the creative industry will be obsolete tomorrow. Hence, artists working with new technologies are faced with a recurrent dilemma. Many of the works that are captivating or breathtaking in their premiere will be outdated as quickly as their accompanying discourses.

To break through the limits of technology, rather than to praise promises or expectations of the industry, is one way of dealing with this creative dilemma. Craft is as essential as intuition and it is this embodied process that leads to uncanny works.

Works that operate beyond the visualization of the new knowledge and are not confined to responding to current issues. It is a common misunderstanding to assume that a work of art is relevant just because its topic is. A creation is not automaticly art because it is "interesting" and art it is not harmless. Art with new media is - like every other form of art - about Enigma not about NVIDIA.

Welcome to the enigmatic..

CYNETART Exhibition 2016
Selected works
Next to the competition works the CYNETART exhibition 2016 shows extra selected works by Gina Czarnecki, Li Alin, Lu Yang and Till Nowak.
CYNETART Competition 2016
Final round
Ten works from several hundreds were chosen to be in the final round and can be seen during CYNETART. An international jury will judge during the festival.
four lectures
During CYNETART 2016 you are invited to listen to lectures by international media artists, intellectuals, scientiests and curators.
A/V Performances
12 performances
Next to a laser performance, a performance utilising satellites in real time and different other shows two concerts looking back on two big names in Sound Art will happen - Maryanne Amacher und Zbigniew Karkowski.
three seminars and introductions
Three workshops focusing on sound, music, performance, theory and xenofeminism invite you to participate.
No validation needed!
multiple project space
The central visual and atmospheric object of the dgtl fmnsm project space will be an utopian feminist installation of a secret Dresden based artist squad. This room installation offers the main setting for a three days ongoing session of sending and receiving.
CYNETART Festival is an event by Trans Media Academie Hellerau e.V. in cooperation with HELLERAU – European Center for the Arts Dresden.
The CYNETART Festival 2016 is supported by
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