Venue: Festspielhaus Hellerau, OG, Studio OST     Day: SAT 12 NOV 2016     Time: 5 - 6 pm
Photo: © Michael Saup

Michael Saup
The Archaeology of the Future
lecture, in English
The Archaeology of the Future

Michael Saup will speak about his artistic work embracing the enigmatic subjacent forces of nature and society such as media metrics, fossil and infossil transformation, atomic coding and spherical world models.

“Sometimes, it felt like the inner workings of the universe made visible. It revolved slowly, then grew in complexity until it seemed, in substance if not style, like a collaboration between da Vinci, Picasso and Stephen Hawking.”

Evening Post, Auckland, New Zealand

Michael Saup (Germany, 1961) started off with video and film, pioneering the field when using software as an artistic media, connecting light patterns, music and visuals. Among his works are sound driven computer animations, interactive concerts and interactive site-specific light installations.

Since 1989 Michael Saup has taught at many universities. He has acted as digital media art founding professor of ZKM University, the biggest institution within the field in Germany. Early 2000’s his Weapons of Mass Education workshops were given in India, Afghanistan, Morocco and Europe.

The German artist has repeatedly shown in major museums, festivals and theatres around the globe, won much recognition and produced collaborative works with key figures of diverse contemporary art disciplines. After having retreated many years to the desert and the forest this nomad is now based in Berlin.


Dr. Josef M. Gaßner
Vom Rand der Erkenntnis
Lecture, in German language
How well do we understand the world in which we live in - where are the limits of our knowledge? The German theoretical astrophysicist will present the state of the art vividly.
Gina Czarnecki

lecture, in English language
Gina Czarnecki speaks about contemporary Bio-Art in the Kontext of her project Heirloom in which living Portraits of her daughters grow, based on their own cells.
Richard Castelli
Infection Of Late
And Lazy Conceptual Art
In Media Art

lecture, in English language
A reflexion about the last niche for moribund conceptual routines where, Art is confused with design (in the best case), concepts replaced by interfaces and artworks by interface demo.
CYNETART Workshop 2016
Sound, Theory, Performance
During the festival several workshops held by Frank Bretschneider, Werner Jauk as well as D-N-E will happen.
CYNETART Festival is an event by Trans Media Academie Hellerau e.V. in cooperation with HELLERAU – European Center for the Arts Dresden.
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