SHAPE master classes
Venue: Festspielhaus Hellerau, OG | STUDIO OST     Day: THU 10 NOV 2016     Time: 3 pm

Frank Bretschneider
The basics of subtractive
sound synthesis
with the aid of an
analog modular synthesizer system

Workshop for emerging artists, in German language
The lecture is primarily intended for beginners as an entry and decision support. It combines a guide into the world of analog modular synthesizer systems with an introduction to subtractive synthesis, one of the basic and classic methods of analogue sound design. Using a portable Eurorack system, the peculiarities and complexity of an analog modular synthesizer will be explained, as well as the individual modules resp. groups of modules and their diversity: Sound generators and sources (oscillators, noise generators), Sound shapers (filters, wave shapers), Modulation sources (LFOs, envelope generators, sequencers), Amplifiers, mixers, switches, auxiliary modules, Effects.

FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER is a musician, composer and video artist in Berlin. His work is known for precise sound placement, complex, interwoven rhythm structures and its minimal, flowing approach. Bretschneider’s subtle and detailed music is echoed by his visuals: perfect translated realizations of the qualities found in music within visual phenomena.
He is releasing his music and performing at music/new media festivals worldwide.
In 1995, Bretschneider and fellow AG Geige member Olaf Bender founded the Rastermusic record label which eventually merged with Carsten Nicolai’s noton to form raster-noton in 1999. Most of Bretschneider’s early solo albums were under the alias Komet. Since then Bretschneider has released his work (in addition to raster noton) on various labels including 12k, Line, Mille Plateaux or Shitkatapult.

Workshop for emerging artists in German language
Contact: Thomas Dumke
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The participation fee is 10 € and has to be paid in cash on the day of the event. The number of participants is limited to 15. The participation in the workshop is only ensured by a confirmed confirmation by the organizer. Access to the other events of the CYNETART festival requires the purchase of a ticket.

Werner Jauk
Sonic performative bodies
and multisensorally adaptive
environments / virtualities
In this seminar, theoretical works with sound-bound body-environment interaction are set in relation to our current digital culture by means of own artistic research work.
In this workshop, combining forms of lecture and performance, d-n-e will investigate and abstract evolutionary steps and questions in relation to speculative topologies of listening–with complex sound transformations, in proposed techniques for deracinating computer music production.
CYNETART Festival is an event by Trans Media Academie Hellerau e.V. in cooperation with HELLERAU – European Center for the Arts Dresden.
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