Artists / Sound & Music
Venue: Festspielhaus Hellerau, Great Hall     Day: 19 NOV 2017     Time: 3 - 5 pm
Marcello Lussana
‘Proximity and Touch‘

‘Proximity and Touch‘ is a project about how can we use interactive technology to control, change or trigger sounds based on the proximity and touch of two (or more) persons.

The concept is based on the philosophical ideas of Maurice Melreau-Ponty and investigate how our perception changes, depending on how another person approaches or touch us.

We would also like to:

• discover the unexplored area of intimacy and proximity: what does it mean to be close or far away from someone? What is the difference between a measurable distance (for example in cm) and the perceived distance?
• perceive and feel what happens inside your own body and inside your partner.
• How can we transmit and communicate this deep and hidden perception to our partner and to a possible audience?
• experiment with the possibilities of touching: How and where can I touch my partner, what kind of feeling does that generate in myself and in the other person?

Happens during the 24 HOURS event.


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