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Venue: Festspielhaus Hellerau, Great Hall     Day: 18/19 NOV 2017     Time: 1 - 3 am
Anne Seidel
reads & speaks

Photo: © Rainer Böhme

(the genuine can’t be intentional)

                                                for Dmitrij

wasser glueht und (unbeirrbar)

verlangt der weg dessen, das sich mir entzieht

zug um zug, naechtlich auf schienen gehend

unbekannte tiefe blaue laute anschlagend, schwer_

etwas wie vermissen

dort in das feld meiner erinnerungen

in diesen ungeheuren wind laufend, der die schrift schuerft, am schwarzen meer

sand without intention

water without intention

a laying couple without the slightest intention


                                                        (wir entfernen uns

mit jeder intention

                                        von uns selbst)

        ich schuerfe die schrift nicht

            ich schuerfe sie nicht, die dunkle, die blaue

(september 2017)

Anne Seidel, born in Dresden in 1988, studies Slavic Studies and Eastern European History at Justus-Liebig University. Since 2011, she has launched various surrealist and minimalist projects in Dresden: a sound-art installation entitled Sound Memories (Cynetart 2011), poetry readings with live field recording and sound capture with Thomas Dumke and Stefan Senf under the title Nimes and signal dispersion. At the moment, she is working together with the Scottish composer Daniel Williams at a sound-art project named sinistra. Her debut book Chlebnikov weint (poetenladen, 2015) was commended by the German Academy for Language and Poetry in 2016 and was considered as one of the best poetry books of the year 2015 by Haus für Poesie, Berlin. The book can be interpreted as a continuative nod to the Russian literary tradition. Train rides in Siberia, piles of snow full of dissolving traces, and forced exiles and deportation camps from the Soviet past are some of the motivic structures.

‘In a certain sense Anne Seidel’s poems appear cryptical. In her associative procedures, words resemble bright spotlights onto cultural- and city landscapes that have a somewhat eastern, European flavor. Despite its reduction, this can be seen especially in her wonderfully atmospheric poem St. Petersburg.’ Jayne-Ann Igel

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Anne Seidel @ Lyrikline

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